Hi there! My name is Ainars, I’m the guy, who stands behind dailypurrr since day one.

My main goal is to make this world a happier place with my stupid cat drawings. I do them every day for more than 4 years and I do them from my heart!

It all started as a joke when I was bored at my work and never even dreamed, that dailypurrr can turn into something so important for so many people across the world. I must admit, that I still can't believe this happened.

Before dailypurrr I tried and failed dozens of times in different "projects", but I always wanted to make something big and important. It's hard to explain this, but I had that feeling somewhere deep inside me, that one day I will find my own path. I feel blessed, that life gave me this chance.

I hope that my drawings brighten your life and make you smile at least for a while every day!

I wish you all good life!